After Life NOVELS


The Egyptian High Priest, Imhotep, uses an ancient Egyptian curse to create a terrifying monster.

Mysteriously, the plight of a beloved Scottish Queen is tied to this creature and her death will set in motion not only the doomed Spanish Armada, but a chain of events that will haunt generations in the Deserted Village and neighboring villages in 18th Century Ireland.

88 years later, two Brothers from New York travel home to Ireland right after the Great Famine and find the monster. They know how to stop it, but can they?


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An epic story of horror, history, intrigue, and beloved peoples, that will take you across the world, landing in Egypt, Morocco, Scotland, Spain, New York, Vatican City, and Ireland with an ending you never saw coming.  It is said great writers use their imagination to bring order out of chaos, and in this work, D.P. Conway does not disappoint.


A Magical Short Story

Not all who Wander are Lost.

A young man wakes up in a mysterious land, injured and not knowing who he is. He finds a group of shepherds who he must accompany on their annual journey to the Great Forest to see the Great Star.

On this journey, he will discover not only who he is, but where his home really lies.

Enjoy this magical winter's tale.  

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