“D. P. Conway is a masterful writer and storyteller.  The flow and pace of ‘The Ghost of Christmas to Come,’ is perfect in every respect.”   

International Review of Books December 2020

Christmas Collection

The Christmas Collection

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And In the spirit of Dickens, D.P.Conway has written four enthralling stories to warm your hearts and homes.

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Twelve Days: A Tale of Christmas

In the spirit of A Christmas Carol, D.P. Conway writes a compelling story that will inspire you this and every Christmas to come.

Barbara Disanto is on top of the world in business and life. The people all around her, though, are suffering from her relentless drive to the top.

One night just before Christmas, a mysterious message begins to haunt her, telling her she must do something, ‘before it is too late.’


Game of Lords

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Series Relaunch Coming Soon

After Life NOVELS

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The Wancheen

The Egyptian High Priest, Imhotep, uses an ancient Egyptian curse to create a terrifying monster.

Mysteriously, the plight of a beloved Scottish Queen is tied to this creature and her death will set in motion not only the doomed Spanish Armada, but a chain of events that will haunt generations in the Deserted Village and neighboring villages in 18th Century Ireland.

88 years later, two Brothers from New York travel home to Ireland right after the Great Famine and find the monster. They know how to stop it, but can they?

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The Ghost of Christmas to Come


A mysterious woman, forgotten by time, lives alone at the edge of a vast hillside cemetery in an old Massachusetts town, trapped in a past she is unable to face..  


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