"A thorough, well researched, and gripping account of the Parkland tragedy with an ending that will offer solace and comfort to all."

In the style of Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons, “Fallen” is a chilling expose of the life of Nikolas Cruz, a youth troubled since his earliest childhood.  Over a year’s worth of investigated facts are masterfully weaved together into a compelling drama revealing the depths of not only Cruz’s life but also of the cowardly inaction by so many in the bureaucracies surrounding him that could have stopped this tragedy from happening.  

Angels and Dark Angels are used to explore the mystery of good versus evil in the story. As it progresses, you will understand why.

Near the end, during the 11 long minutes of the shooting, time seems to stand still as you find yourself inside the building, witnessing not only the tragedy but also the heroic actions of many. Sadly, you will also witness the selfish actions of not one, but numerous deputies and school personnel who allowed so many to perish. 

The story then moves from the darkness of that day to a marvelous dawn with an ending you never imagined and one you will never forget.


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