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AFTER LIFE BOOK 2 (See Important reader note below)

A True Crime Fictional Thriller

                                   you will Not Want to put Down


Throughout his life, Nikolas Cruz claimed there was a Demon in his head.  He may have been right.

In the style of Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons, “Fallen” is a chilling expose of the life of Nikolas Cruz, a youth troubled since his earliest childhood.  Over a year’s worth of investigated facts are masterfully weaved together into a compelling drama revealing the depths of not only Cruz’s life, but also of the cowardly bureaucracy surrounding him that could have stopped it all.  

Near the end of this epic story, during the 11 long minutes of the shooting, time seems to stand still as you find yourself inside the building, witnessing not only the tragedy but also the heroic actions of many. Sadly, you will also witness the cowardly actions of not one, but numerous deputies and school personnel who allowed so many to perish. 





Book 1: Who Trespass Against Us

Book 2: Parkland

Book 3: Fallen

The story then moves from the darkness of that day to a marvelous dawn with an ending you never imagined and one you will never forget.


Important Note to Readers:  There is an abridged version of this book, called Fallen, which I also wrote.  Both books employ Angels and Demons to demonstrate the struggle of good versus evil.  Though both books are the same in the exposition of Nikolas life, as well as in all details leading to and through the tragedy, Fallen’s subplot of the Angels/Demons dimension of the story is much less extensive.  If you think you would enjoy the less extensive version, I would recommend reading Fallen instead.

Parkland is 92,000 words in length.


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