Book 2 of The Afterlife Series

About the After Life Series

There are two types of stories in the 13 books of the series.  The Archangel Sagas and Journeys.

Throughout the 13 books, the Archangel Sagas tells the story of the Angels from beginning to end. Long before the earth, or Adam and Eve were created, the Lords created the male and female Angels, and the Heavens where they were supposed to live in harmony as friends and as lovers.  But when the Dark Lord arises, it all starts to fall apart, and everyone must choose a side.


Starting in book 2 and continuing through book 10, following each episode of the Archangel Sagas, the Journeys stories are also presented.

Journeys dramatically tell individual tales of 15 modern-day people’s lives, deaths and crossings over to the other side. There is a wide variety of people, including a mob lawyer, a young girl with Rett’s disease, a middle-aged divorcee, a rigid Baptist preacher, a U.S. Senator, a young Muslim American soldier, and even an avowed atheist who survived the shark-infested waters after the sinking of the U.S.S. Indianapolis.

These people live their lives, and struggle like anyone else, until suddenly, and sometimes unexpectedly, death crashes into their plans. Many never get to say goodbye or attain the hopes and dreams they often desperately desired.  Journeys is about second chances and life on the other side, a life we all someday want.

There are some cautionary tales, like the mob lawyer’s story or the 9/11 hijackers, who appear in book 11, because the series is not only about Heaven but also about Hell and about a fascinating world in between, for those who don’t quite fit into Heaven or Hell.

In the last 3 books, the conclusion of the series, all 15 human stories converge with the Archangel Sagas as the Angels, the Heavens, and the Earth race toward their destiny, and all are hurled into the final showdown between good and evil.

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